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Donna Karan

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Donna Karan

I adore today’s birthday girl, Donna Karan.  When I assigned her the title of the “Libra” designer in my book, I didn’t even know that she was a Libra.

It figures that someone with Karan’s design sensibility would be born under a sign like Libra where there is an interesting dynamic between the masculine nature of the sign and its feminine ruling planet.  Karan first made her mark on fashion introducing menswear-inspired wardrobe-building staples to women, but with a definite feminine slant.  Her signature garment, the bodysuit, isn’t something you’re likely to see during the menswear shows.

Even when she’s not producing such practical pieces, Karan is especially kind to the female form.  Another one of her signatures is to use head-to-toe color, elongating and flattering the body.  This monochromatic approach to dressing suits Libra women more than any other style.

While her artistry is expressed in a rather quiet manner, her designs do move forward into new territory with each and every season.  Not a lot of designers are as consistenly forward-thinking as Donna Karan.  Like most Libra natives, she always seems to have an eye on the not-too-distant future.  She moves from season to season elegantly, along the path of least resistance with ease.  The result is that she rarely appears to be trying too hard.  There aren’t a lot of designers who aren’t guilty of that crime every now and then.


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