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Carole Lombard

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Carole Lombard

I’m a big fan of short hair on women because I don’t believe that most women who wear their hair long put enough time into styling and upkeep to warrant maintaining the length.  What’s the point of keeping it long when you just tie it back all the time?

Anyway, I do suggest that Libra women wear their hair long.  This is a sign that I associated with upkeep and maintenance.  Therefore, most Libra women have the skills and the discipline it takes to maintain a longer style.  I also suggest that Libra women try a style that’s parted in the center.  Symmetry is important to the Libra aesthetic, and a sharp center part can really look good on a well-coiffed Libra woman.

But what if your face isn’t symmetrical?  Then try a deep side part.  There are several iconic Libra women in show business who have famously worn side parts, including Rita Hayworth and today’s birthday girl, Carole Lombard.  Lombard’s nose was just slightly off and one of her eyebrows was situated a little higher than the other.  When she wore her hair in a center part, the imperfections in her face became obvious.  But with her hair parted at the side, she achieved an aesthetic balance to her features that made her one of the most memorable faces in the history of Hollywood.


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  1. She also swore like a truck driver. You’ve got to love that.


    October 7, 2010 at 4:58 pm

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