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Joy Behar

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Joy Behar

Although I don’t watch “The View” every day, I’ve caught an episode every now and then since the show premiered.  To me, it’s interesting to watch these women of different zodiac signs in action.  One of the hosts, Joy Behar, is today’s birthday girl.  Like the big cheese, Barbara Walters, Behar is a Libra.

Behar has been with the show since it began.  Only her and Walters hold that distinction.  Of the hosts that have come and gone, both Rosie O’Donnell and Star Jones are Aries natives.  While Behar has had her share of disagreements with everyone on the show, her Libra nature has allowed her to put up with the bickering and put it aside when the cameras are off.  An innate sense of diplomacy defines her zodiac sign.  If she did leave the show, she would probably meet the terms of her contract and receive a friendly send-off from her coworkers.  Unlike O’Donnell and Jones, it’s unlikely for the Libra host to play the diva on the set or in real life.  She may be a little more tactless than Walters, but she’s not likely to throw a temper tantrum and walk off the set.

Poise defines this sign, not tact.  Joy Behar seems to be a very poised woman.


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