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Sharon Osborne

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Sharon Osborne

Just for fun, I looked up the signs of all six host on CBS’s new daytime show “The Talk.”  After discussing Joy Behar and the women of “The View” the other day, I figured it would be interesting to predict how these women would relate with one another, a week before their show premieres.

Sharon Osborne, today’s birthday girl, is a Libra like Barbara Walters and Behar.  I suppose she’ll fit into the role of the “experienced” panel member.  Even when she’s behaving badly, Osborne seems to be quite poised and even-tempered.  Don’t expect any hissy fits from show’s resident Libra.  She’s got it together, and there’s not a lot anyone can do to make her appear unbalanced.  Yet with Venus as a ruling planet, her emotions may occasionally get the best of her.

Sara Gilbert and Marissa Jaret Winokur are both Aquarians.  Daytime TV already has a couple of famous Aquarian women ruling the roost: Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres.  The interesting thing about Aquarius that most other astrologers fail to recognize is that the sign traditionally shows a man weighed down by the heavy load he’s bearing.  Aquarians usually start out as quite liberal individuals, but they tend to become more and more conservative as experience bears down on them.  Both Gilbert and Winokur are in their mid-30s.  Winfrey and Degeneres are in their 50s.  I can tell you that the politics of the two fifty-year-olds are likely a lot different than they were two decades ago.  The reason: Now they have buckets of money.  Sure, they’re Democrats, but Aquarians are often associated with the common-good and socialism when they’re younger.  Life experience tends to temper the socialist leanings of Aquarians as they grow older.  Watch for Gilbert and Winokur to be the panel’s outspoken defenders of liberal ideals.  But if the show is a success and they’re still around in a couple of decades, watch them grow into cranky, old moderates or worse — borderline conservatives!

Leah Remini completes the air sign trine.   She’s a Gemini, and she acts like a Gemini.  She’s a big kid with a big mouth who talks a mile a minute.  Geminis can be a little fickle when it comes to their own viewpoint; they change their minds more often than most people change their underwear.  If this show does well, Remini might emerge as its biggest star if she works hard to refine her talent.  Geminis can treat an opportunity such as this rather superficially.  She might shoot herself in the foot if she believes that all she needs to do is show up to work and “talk.”

Holly Robinson Peete is a Virgo.  Like Gemini, Virgo is ruled by Mercury.  The planet’s influence, however, is internal rather than external.  Virgos tend to bottle-up their problems.  If anyone becomes overwhelmed by the amount of work involved in hosting a show like this, it’ll be her.  Yet she won’t show it.  Virgo individuals are perfectionists, so don’t expect Peete to crack on the set.  She’ll be as professional as they come, even if the demands of daytime TV start to mess with her head.  She’s going to need to do everything she can in order to remain grounded — she is an earth sign, after all — and she’s going to have to learn to say “no” when people ask her to take on even more responsibilities.

Also an earth sign, Julie Chen shares my birthday.  We Capricorns are generally the voice of logic in group discussions.  I suppose she’ll be the moderator of the program with one eye on the camera and the other on the clock as the rest of the women fight to get in the last word.  What people will be surprised about as Chen opens up on camera is what a great mother a Capricorn woman can be.  They may appear to be a little distant and aloof, but they’re genuinely warm, earthy people.  Capricorn actually represents the archetypal father figure in the zodiac.  Like a stern father, Chen will be sure to keep the rest of these women in line.  And she’ll do it with unparalled wit and candor, just like I would if I were hosting the show.


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