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Nana Mouskouri

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Nana Mouskouri

The first time I heard of Nana Mouskouri had to be in the very-late 70s or the very-early 80s.  At that time, I was into New Wave music and the ridiculous hair that accompanied that trend.  Seeing Mouskouri’s straight hair, parted in the middle, reminded me of the early 70s and those Breck girls on the pages of my mother’s “Family Circle” magazines.  I thought she was the squarest woman in show business, stuck ten years in the past — nearly a lifetime to a teenage kid.

Now that I’m older and I have a little perspective on fashion, I’ve grown to appreciate Mouskouri and her enduring sense of style.  Today’s birthday girl has a great face with strong bone structure and flawless skin.  Her straight hair, parted in the middle, paired with her eyeglasses is her signature.  She doesn’t need to partake in trends that don’t suit her because she’s already developed a style that suits her perfectly.

A well-dressed Libra woman can stand alone in fashion, outside the trends, and still appear gorgeous and put-together to the people whose opinion really matters.  While Nana Mouskouri may not have impressed me when I was a fifteen-year-old who had just discovered fashion, she probably wasn’t trying to win my vote of approval, anyway.  Regardless, she has my approval today.  She’s been able to create an iconic look that reflects the best qualities of her zodiac sign.


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