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Ralph Lauren

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Ralph Lauren

The birthday boy for October 14 is Ralph Lauren.  In my book, I assign Lauren as the Taurus designer.  What’s interesting is that Taurus and Libra share a ruling planet.  I didn’t really think about what sign Lauren was when I wrote the book.  I just saw the qualities of Taurus reflected in his best work.  Afterward, I discovered he was a Libra.

The same thing happened with Calvin Klein.  He’s a Scorpio who represents the Aries aesthetic.  Traditionally, both signs are ruled by Mars.  It also happened with Karl Lagerfeld.  He’s a Virgo who designs for Chanel, a label that I associate with Gemini.  Both of those signs are ruled by Mercury.

I’m sure there are others.  I find it very intriguing, however, how much influence the ruling planet of the natal sun sign seems to have on these designers.  I didn’t really notice it when I wrote “Cosmically Chic,” but I sure noticed it when I sat down a looked at what I had written.  The first three chapters had that in common, and the fourth had a Cancer (Giorgio Armani) portrayed as the Cancer designer.

Either I’m really lucky or I’m a terrific astrologer.


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