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Katy Perry

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Katy Perry

The sign of Scorpio is often associated with sex.  In mundane astrology Scorpio is responsible for reproduction, so it only makes sense that the sign that rules over the reproductive organs has a sexual connotation.  Yet Scorpio isn’t a sign that normally lets it all hang out.  There’s usually quite a bit of reserve in the way most Scorpio individuals present themselves to the world.

Take Katy Perry, for example.  She might wear low-cut, strapless dresses a lot, but her sexual persona is actually a retro throwback rather than an all-out visual assault.  Today’s birthday girl wears clothes that would have been considered to be provocative fifty years ago.  You’re far more likely to see a Cancer with her boobs hanging out, or a Sagittarian in something that leaves nothing to the imagination than to see a Scorpio in something slutty.  It’s just not the sleazy sign people make it out to be.


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