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Sylvia Plath

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Sylvia Plath

Scorpio isn’t known as the most cheerful sign of the zodiac.  Yet today’s birthday girl, poet Sylvia Plath, has become synonymous with depression and suicide since her death in 1963.

It’s quite natural for Scorpio natives to be deep thinkers.  It is one of the most introspective sign of the zodiac, and introspection can lead some people into rather depressive territory.  But not every Scorpio is depressed.  Plath had a rather tough, nearly exact square between Mars in Leo from the sixth house to Mercury in Scorpio in the eighth house.  I suppose that was the trigger for her mental illness.

For every Sylvia Plath there’s another Scorpio out there who enjoys life to the fullest.  Her sun sign had little to do with her suicide, even though it’s easy to draw a parallel between the somewhat withdrawn nature of Scorpio and the self-pitying nature of many depressed individuals.  The cliché that this can be a “dark” sign is apt.  It’s just not the defining aspect of the sign.


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