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Grace Slick

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Grace Slick

One of my favorite astrology books is called “Sun Sign, Moon Sign” by Charles and Suzi Harvey.  In each chapter, there’s a section entitled “Images for Integration” where the authors provide particular examples from popular culture that support their interpretations.

If I was to choose an image that would support my interpretation of someone born on October 30, that image would be of October 30th’s birthday girl Grace Slick singing “White Rabbit,” the classic hit from Jefferson Airplane.

Some people might argue that the tale of “Alice in Wonderland” that inspired the song represents a Piscean trip into a drug-addled fantasy world, but I tend to believe that it’s more of a Scorpionic sojourn into the depths of the psyche.  Of course, having a Scorpio woman sing the song so memorably could be influencing my interpretation.  Still, I don’t believe anyone else could have done the song justice.

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