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Anna Wintour

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Anna Wintour

Today’s birthday girl is my old boss from “Teen Vogue,” the incomparable Anna Wintour.  I had very little contact with Ms. Wintour at the magazine, but it was the sort of contact I expected from someone in her position.  I’d pick a photo for a feature I was working on and she would tell my editor to nix it.  That was it.  No discussion.  No chit chat.  Nothing else.

I’m a Capricorn, so I know a little about maintaining some professional distance in business relationships.  Nevertheless, that frosty relationship can be taken to extremes by a Scorpio.  I suppose that’s why Anna Wintour has such a terrible reputation.  People want to be coddled and told that they’re doing a good job.  They want professional relationships to move into a personal realm where your business associates actually become your friends.

That’s not going to happen when your boss has a heart made of coal.  Wintour is probably a lovely person to be around in a non-professional setting, but she’s all-business when it comes to business.  And why shouldn’t she be?  At its worst, her style of leadership doesn’t inspire a lot of loyalty (something a Capricorn like me would bother to cultivate).  At its best, she’s got nothing personal invested in her business relationships and no reason to let her underlings drag her down.  Now that’s Scorpio style!


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