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Robert Mapplethorpe

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Robert Mapplethorpe

Photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, today’s birthday boy, was known for courting controversy more than he was known for creating a singular, recognizable photographic style.  Yet I can recognize his flower photos from a mile away.  I guess I like flowers more than the other guys . . .

Anyway, it’s no surprise to me that someone who shot a lot of nudes also shot a lot of flowers.  Flowers are the sexual organs of plants, and Mapplethorpe is one of the two artists I generally associate with the overt sexualization of floral imagery.  The other is Georgia O’Keeffe who also happens to be a Scorpio.

Scorpio is often associated with sex.  What many astrologers fail to realize is that Scorpio has almost a clinical fascination with sex.  It’s far less sexy than just painting dirty pictures or taking dirty photos.  Scorpios like to see how things work, especially when those things involve sex, birth and death.  I suppose the great Flemish Baroque floral painters of the 17th century also had a Scorpionic quality to their art.  Whether or not they were Scorpios is a story for another post.


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