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Rebecca Romijn

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Rebecca Romijn

I was just thinking about what makes Rebecca Romijn seem like a Scorpio to me.  Unfortunately, I came up with the conclusion that she seems more like a Pisces when I consider her body of work.

Her two most-notable roles are as Mystique in the “X-Men” series and as the lead in “Femme Fatale.”  As if playing a shapeshifter in the former film wasn’t enough, she had to play a dual role in the latter.

I looked at her chart to see if she had any Pisces influences that could explain why she’s succeeded in these roles, but there was nothing there aside from a twelth house Jupiter.  In fact, she’s got her natal sun, moon and midheaven in Scorpio with a Capricorn ascendant.  She’s also got both Venus and Mars in Libra.  The only conclusion that I was able to draw from a quick look at her chart was that the two of us would get along very well.  We have quite complimentary planets. 

Anyway, I wonder if she would be more famous if she could sink her teeth into a particularly Scorpionic role?


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