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Jean Shrimpton

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Jean Shrimpton

November 7th’s birthday girl is Jean Shrimpton.

Shrimpton was the perfect model for the 60s.  Her waif-like figure and huge eyes provided the ideal framework for the styles of the time.  I’m surprised that she didn’t collapse under the weight of her own hair and makeup!

Anyway, there isn’t anything particularly Scorpionic about Shrimpton’s portfolio, and that’s how it should be.  The industry rarely produces a supermodel of Shrimpton’s stature whose personal style supersedes her ability to model the styles of others.  Yet the funny thing about Shrimpton is that the two models I instantly associate with her are both Capricorns.  Her face (especially the one eyebrow that she arches to even out her slightly lopsided eyes) reminds me of the gorgeous Christy Turlington.  Her high cheekbones and her little nose remind me of Kate Moss.

Strangely, she’s got no Capricorn influences in her natal chart.  That makes me wonder if Turlington or Moss have any Scorpionic influences in their charts.  It’s something I need to look into.


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