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Parker Posey

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Parker Posey

It’s not unusual for an actor to become associated with their “breakout” role.  For today’s birthday girl, Parker Posey, that role was in the 1995 film “Party Girl.”

In my book, I refer to Scorpio as the “vintage” sign.  Scorpio natives have an uncanny ability to successfully resurrect trends before anyone else is ready to wear them again.  Posey’s character in the film wore a quirky, vintage wardrobe that very few women would have been able to wear.  Nevertheless, the wardrobe is one part of the film that has truly stood the test of time, even showing up a couple of years ago in a shopping spread in “Nylon.”

In previous posts I’ve already mentioned that Cancers can do vintage looks with nostalgic flair, paying homage to the era they reference.  Capricorns have the ability to mine the past to add a touch of retro kitsch to their wardrobes, and a sense of timing that allows them to get away with it.  Scorpios, however, just wear vintage styles with the absolute conviction that they look fabulous.  And sometimes that’s all it take to look fabulous.

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November 8, 2010 at 8:10 am

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  1. Watched this recently and really enjoyed her performance. Perfect 90s vintage revival, so NYLON really.

    Also loved her in Dazed and Confused. “Fry like bacon, bitches!”


    November 10, 2010 at 12:12 pm

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