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Grace Kelly

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Grace Kelly

Today’s birthday girl is Scorpio icon Grace Kelly.  Now I’ve mentioned a lot of dark, brooding Scorpio seductresses over the past couple of weeks, but aside from Anna Wintour, I haven’t really spent much time talking about the ice queen persona that I believe really suits this sign.

Grace Kelly did have a somewhat frosty exterior.  She was intimidatingly beautiful, and even before she married into royalty, she seemed artistocratic and almost unapproachable.  I got the same vibes from Vivien Leigh, who was also a Scorpio.  Yet what both of these women so alluring was the passion that they kept bottled inside.  When I talk about a frosty exterior and compare Scorpios to glaciers, it’s not because they’re cold, but because they can seem rather unreactive.  Nevertheless, they have the power to transform the world, and they can do it right under your nose.  Just because you can’t see it happening doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

That power is even less apparent when it’s exerted by an angelic blonde.  Alfred Hitchcock adored Grace Kelly because he knew that a woman who looked like Grace Kelly could make men do anything she wanted them to do.  It was like casting a femme fatale in his films without even having to write a character for the actress.  Of course, he didn’t take that route, and he provided Kelly with some of her greatest roles.

Hitchcock wasn’t interested in hiring hysterical women, and Scorpio women rarely act in a hysterical manner.  They’re cool, often to the point of being icy.  It took a lot to crack that icy veneer, and that’s what intrigued the director.  Getting a woman as cool and collected as Grace Kelly to crack made for some of cinema’s greatest scenes.


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