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Christian Siriano

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Christian Siriano

The first thing I thought of when I discovered that Christian Siriano is a Scorpio, is that he shares his zodiac sign with Edith Head.  On an episode of “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” I saw today’s birthday boy admit that he was inspired to become a fashion designer because of his interest in cinematic costume design.  Head is one of only a handful of costume designers whose names and natal signs I remember.  For that reason, I tried to draw a few parallels between the pair.

Besides the glasses, I didn’t come up with much.  However, I do believe that Siriano would probably do better in film than in fashion.  I like him and I believe that he’s immensely talented, yet I’m not sure that his “voice” is particularly relevant in real-life fashion.  As far as the fantasy world of film goes, he’s speaking the right language.

A recent review concluded that “apart from the designer’s personality, there isn’t much of a sartorial story to tell.  Siriano’s clothes generally don’t propose any fresh thinking about fashion or the way women should dress.  And when they do, there’s an air of the ridiculous.”

The greatest thing about Edith Head was that “air of the ridiculous” she brought to her projects.  Just imagine “Sunset Blvd.” without Gloria Swanson’s ridiculous turbans, or “Rear Window” without Grace Kelly reading “Harper’s Bazaar” on the sofa in a ridiculous cloud of tulle, or even Audrey Hepburn without her black beatnik catsuit in “Funny Face.”  Edith Head was a genius when it came to pushing the envelope just enough to make the ridiculous sublime.

I see that same sort of talent from Christian Siriano.  I believe he’s in the wrong business.


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