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Katherine Heigl

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Katherine Heigl

When I wrote my book, I don’t believe I devoted any text to Sagittarius individuals and the “dumb blonde” stereotype.  I guess I hadn’t really noticed how many of them there were.  Let me rephrase that.  I didn’t notice how many smart Sagittarian blondes there were who could play dumb.

I first realized that this “type” of Sagittarian woman existed when I was watching “How to Marry a Millionaire.”  Sagittarius native Betty Grable played an opportunistic golddigger with a heart of gold.  The brainy blonde bombshell role suited her perfectly, especially as a foil to Marilyn Monroe’s genuinely dumb blonde character.  I regret not discussing the film and its stereotypical characters in my book.

In hindsight, I can see it.  I also can see the same qualities that made Grable a star in women like today’s birthday girl, Katherine Heigl.  The fun-loving, open-minded, “I’ll try anything once” character that Grable played over and over again in movies fits Heigl like a glove.   Even the hairstyle that Grable wore seems appropriate for Heigl, just updated for the 21st century, like in the photo above.

I’m going to explore this blonde bombshell thing a few more times before the sun moves into Capricorn.  Stay tuned!


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