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Julianne Moore

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Tom Ford & Julianne Moore

I don’t get Sagittarius vibes from December 3rd’s birthday girl at all.  Julianne Moore seems so cardinal to me, so I decided to look up her chart.

Wow!  Tom Ford’s friend and occasional muse may have a Sagittarius sun, but both her moon and ascendant are in Gemini.  Still, that does nothing to prove my theories about her giving off cardinal-sign vibes.  But as fashion influences, her sun is weak in the sixth house and her moon is even weaker in the twelfth.  On the other hand, she has Mars in Cancer in the self-identifying first house, and Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in her seventh house of parterships.  Those are some major placements!

What interests me the most are the planets in Capricorn.  In my book I insisted that Tom Ford has a fascination with the archetypal Capricorn woman.  Ford was thoughtful enough to write me a letter after reading my book, telling me that he was most-interested in reading the Capricorn chapter.  I guess this all goes to prove my point.

Sometimes I’m so good at this stuff, even I can’t believe it.


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