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Shalom Harlow

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Shalom & Amber

One of the greatest strengths any model can have is mutability.  Sagittarius is one of the mutable signs, and it figures that Sagittarian models who can be shaped and molded into different looks would do well in the business — Tyra Banks and Milla Jovovich, for example.  For that reason, I was surprised when I discovered that Linda Evangelista is a Taurus.  Taurus is a fixed sign, rarely lauded for the adaptability of its natives.  Evangelista’s reputation as the industry’s “chameleon” was earned with tenacity and hard work.  She accepted the advice of experts to further her career because in her own mind, she wasn’t the girl that she was portraying in front of the camera.

Today’s birthday girl, Shalom Harlow, has a portfolio nearly as diverse as Linda Evangelista, and just as many looks.  That’s something I would expect from a Sagittarius like Harlow.  The only thing that doesn’t suit this sign is adopting a look that blends in.  The best-dressed Sagittarians leave a mark on the world by standing outside the crowd.  Sometimes that means staying one step ahead of everyone else in the business.  Harlow earned a place at the top by expressing qualities that were already a part of her being.  Evangelista, on the other hand, let the industry use her as the blank slate to create the persona it wanted to see.  For that reason, we got to know Harlow a little better than we got to know Evangelista as the Sagittarius stunner also dabbled in movies and television hosting.  We saw the real Shalom Harlow, but I still don’t believe we’ve ever seen the real Linda Evangelista.


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