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Agnes Moorehead

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Agnes Moorehead

Often the first person to disparage her own work as Endora on “Bewitched,” actress Agnes Moorehead was quick to let everyone know that she had enjoyed a long and distinguished career.

They aren’t braggarts by nature, yet a Sagittarius native will often take pride in his or her ability to become the proverbial “Jack of all trades.”  Many cultural icons born under this sign dabble in a little bit of everything — Tyra Banks and Jane Fonda, for example.  While Moorehead stuck to acting, her resume included stage, screen, radio and television.  For that reason, I can understand why the actress would have been annoyed by her popularity on “Bewitched.”  Being discovered for something that she had been doing for years must have been a blow to a woman who had appeared in “Citizen Kane.”

I’m sure there are bigger egos in the zodiac, but there aren’t any other signs that put such a premium on diversity.  Sagittarians like to be good at everything, and they like everyone to know it.


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