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Rita Moreno

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Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno’s diversity epitomizes her zodiac sign.  Today’s birthday girl is one of only a handful of performers who have won an Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy and a Tony.

Excelling at many disciplines shows the true nature of this sign.  A Sagittarius native should be the proverbial “Jack-of-all-trades” because of the influence of Jupiter, their ruling planet.  Jupiter endows an individual with innate curiosity and the desire to “have it all.”  Unfortunately, it can also allow a Sagittarian to become a “Jack-of-all-trades, master of none.”

There’s a distinct tendency amongst Sagittarians to skip the most important part of any discipline, which is the training.  While the sign actually is associated with higher education, many Sagittarians have a nonchalant attitude towards formal training.  As a performer, Rita Moreno learned much of her craft on her feet.  She was lucky to be born into an era when that was possible.  For most Sagittarians, life doesn’t work out that way.


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