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Bob Barker

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Bob Barker

Sagittarius is considered to be the sign of the idealist.  For that reason, many Sagittarians find themselves devoted to a cause or twelve.  Individuals who are successful at promoting awareness of their cause have often refined their message so it can be delivered effectively.  Take today’s birthday boy, Bob Barker, for example.  His simple plea to spay and neuter pets became one of the most-memorable catch phrases in the history of television.  Rather than diluting his message, he kept it clear, consistent and to the point.

That’s a metaphor for Sagittarians in general, but especially in fashion.  Individual style is very important to the Sagittarius aesthetic.  So is idealism.  However, idealism can cause Sagittarius natives to change styles as they chase causes.  Identifying with a cause is quite different from developing a sense of style.  A Sagittarian needs to feel like an individual within their clothes rather than part of a larger group.

Of all the zodiac signs, this is the one most susceptible to bandwagonism, yet it’s also the one most often associated with rampant individuality.  Finding some fashionable middle ground between the crowd and the self is the challenge of each and every Sagittarian.


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