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Helena Christensen

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Helena Christensen

Danish supermodel Helena Christensen, today’s birthday girl, has a lot in common with me.  We’re both Capricorns with Venus in Aquarius.  We both have watery moons, an airy Mars and Jupiter, the same Neptune and Pluto signs, and enough going on in Libra to make it a focal point in our charts.  I really wish I knew exactly what time she was born because it would explain a lot to me.  We both worked at “Nylon,” after all, we’re both known for our charity work, and we’re both admitted cheese addicts — never mind the fact that we’re also freakishly good-looking for people in their forties.

I even see similarities in our personal style.  Neither of us are very fussy, but we’re both quite picky, choosing items carefully that reflect a sense of style without appearing to be styled.  I get the same vibe from our other signmate, Kate Moss.  We know our bodies well, and we know just how far to push fashion without appearing as if the joke is on us.

I ought to try to find out what time she was born.  Stay tuned . . .


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December 25, 2010 at 9:59 am

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