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Marlene Dietrich

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Marlene Dietrich

December 27th’s birthday girl is Marlene Dietrich.

Since the sun moved into Capricorn, I’ve mentioned that Capricorn natives are adept at presenting a marketable image of themselves to the public.  Often, those images go to extremes, but just as often they redirect the mainstream into more adventurous territory.  Capricorns aren’t trendsetters as much as they are style icons who influence fashion for generations to come.

There was no one like Marlene Dietrich and there never will be.  However, the performer is constantly used as a point of reference by actresses, singers, performers, fashion designers, etc.  In her lifetime, she seemed to border on the controversial, but so much of what she accomplished has become cliché because of her influence on so many aspects of popular culture.  Creating an image that can live on forever is the birthright of every Capricorn individual.


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