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Donald Trump, Jr.

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Donald Trump, Jr.

Ask anyone who watches “The Apprentice“; Donald Trump’s boardroom decisions are often arbitrary and impractical.  Although Ivanka and Donald Jr. sit at their father’s side nodding in approval, it must drive them crazy when he fires someone for not being as obnoxious as the other jerks at the table.

Donald Sr. is a Gemini, so it’s perfectly in character for him to be capricious.  Ivanka is a cool-as-a-cucumber Scorpio, so even if she did oppose her father, she wouldn’t embarrass him on national TV.  Donald Jr., on the other hand, is a Capricorn.  He’s today’s birthday boy.  His little brother, Eric, is also a Capricorn.

Sometime down the road I can see this being a problem.  Capricorns are eminently practical.  While Donald Sr.’s unpredictableness has probably served him well in a career where risks often yield rewards, his two eldest sons might have a different plan.  Raised by a Pisces mother, they probably saw enough instability in their youth to last a lifetime.  These are guys who are going to cling to tried-and-true methods to keep their family fortune from dwindling.

Does that mean that there are no more reality shows in the future for the Trump family?  Well, there’s always Barron . . .


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