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Elin Nordegren

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Elin Nordegren

Once again, I should be discussing fashion and astrology, but sometimes this other stuff is just too much fun to ignore.

Tiger Woods and his ex-wife, today’s birthday girl Elin Nordegren, are both Capricorns.  Now any astrologer worth his weight in Jackie Stallone headbands would tell you that the sun sign isn’t the most important factor in determining the compatibility of a couple.  Nevertheless, I don’t really believe that two Capricorns should be together.  Capricorns can be bossy in relationships, but they can also be pragmatic enough to allow a partner to believe that they hold the upper hand in particular situations.  It’s like an unwritten contract that’s been constructed through thoughtful manipulation on the part of the Capricorn spouse.

When two Capricorns are together, however, both believe that they have the upper hand, and neither partner is likely to discuss a situation until they realize that neither of them was right.  A clear lack of honest communication is indicated in this relationship as each partner attempts to maintain the upper hand — until it’s too late!  Every Capricorn thinks he or she is in charge.  It’s just they way they are.

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