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Christy Turlington

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Christy Turlington

I’m not just being a cheerleader for Capricorns when I say that today’s birthday girl, Christy Turlington, epitomizes many of the qualities of our sun sign.

While they’re known for possessing a sense of gravitas, Capricorns also possess a sense of gravity.  I wrote a line in my book claiming that every extra pound on a Capricorn feels like ten pounds.  Turlington’s careful attention to her body shape has allowed her to model for decades.  She’s done it by becoming a yoga practitioner; staying lean, strong and healthy into her forties.  It’s likely that she stopped looking at the number on the scale a long time ago, choosing to focus upon how she fits into clothes instead.

There’s a business-like practicality to Turlington’s approach.  Self-preservation is an important part of Capricorn style.  Making sweeping lifestyle changes that pay dividends in the long run, a wise Capricorn invests in the quality of her future.


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January 2, 2011 at 8:44 am

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