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Victoria Principal

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Victoria Principal

Capricorn individuals are often lauded for their entrepreneurial nature.  Today’s birthday girl, Victoria Principal, turned her TV career into a beauty and self-help empire, with a skin care line that amassed more than $1 billion in sales.  What I find interesting, however, is that Principal actually quit acting for a couple of years to become an agent.  As a result, the business-savvy actress was able to have a clause omitted from her “Dallas” contract that would have prohibited her from pursuing the projects that made her into a zillionaire.

Like Principal, I’m one of those people who can juggle a million things at once and do all of them quite well.  Still, it’s interesting to me that I keep discovering that many of my fellow Capricorns have these “hidden talents” that I didn’t really know about.  What’s even more interesting is that many of these multitasking Capricorn individuals — including Victoria Principal — count charity work amongst their many achievements.

I suppose that too many astrologers confuse our entrepreneurial nature with greediness, and nothing can be further from the truth — at least in my own case.  I’m sure that the last few people that I’ve profiled since the sun entered Capricorn would be insulted if you called them greedy, too.  I’m celebrating my 20th anniversary as a volunteer fitness instructor at the YMCA of Edmonton this week.  That works out to about eighteen-months of full-time work that I’ve given away, one hour at a time.  How many of you have done that?

Anyway, reading about all these charitable Capricorns over the past couple of weeks makes me believe that we’re quite lovely people.  Furthermore, we look better in spandex unitards than any other sign.  No one can argue with that.


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