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Bottega Veneta

British “Vogue” recently published a lovely layout based on the astrological signs that had almost nothing to do with astrology.  It bothered me because I’ve pitched the idea of an artful layout based on each sign’s aesthetic to fashion magazines numerous times, and no one has ever taken me seriously.  C’est la vie . . .

Anyway, I’ve decided to collect a few images on my blog that represent the zodiac signs.  First up is Capricorn, illustrated in this beautiful ad for Bottega Veneta.

So what makes this a Capricorn image?  Stature is of utmost importance to a Capricorn native.  The angle of the photograph puts the model above her audience.  Of course, she’s dressed in all black, the staple of her wardrobe, and in one of the world’s most coveted luxury brands, Bottega Veneta (absolutely not Louis Vuitton — right, Dana Thomas?).  She’s not a snob, but rather a woman who’s made her way to the top one step at a time.  She probably anticipates a day when she won’t be able to wear that dress again because the details on the shoulder will inevitably date the outfit, but that won’t happen for a while because the color mutes the flourish of the ruffle — she’s such a practical girl!  Great skin, healthy hair and good teeth also reflect the innate pragmatism of her sun sign.  And her ruling planet, Saturn, is symbolized by the Roman deity’s companion, a crow, soaring above her.

This image is as rich as a tarot card.  It makes me wonder about the woman who took the photo, Alex Prager.  I’m familiar with her work, but I don’t know her zodiac sign.  I know she likes Hitchcock heroines as much as I do.  I should drop her a line . . .


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