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Diane Keaton

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Diane Keaton

I’m a huge fan of Diane Keaton’s personal style.  It’s as if the actress knows enough about fashion to style her own outfits creatively without a team of handlers to stop her when she’s gone too far.  She’s the antidote to all those starlets on the red carpet who never make mistakes because they never do anything interesting.

Keaton gets a lot of flack for her wardrobe from the sort of people who take pleasure in telling everyone they look like idiots from the other side of a computer keyboard.  If Keaton, my fellow Capricorn, is anything like me, she probably doesn’t give a rat’s ass what those critics think about her sense of style.  I don’t expect erudition from the rabble, and she probably doesn’t, either.


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January 5, 2011 at 9:28 am

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