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Carolyn Bessete-Kennedy

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Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy

I wrote about myself yesterday because it was my birthday.  Today’s birthday girl is the celebrity with whom I seem to share almost everything in my natal chart except for my Libra ascendant.

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy had a definite sense of style.  Often heralded as one of the best-dressed women in the world, she defined the late 90s with her minimalistic glamour.

The biggest difference in our charts is that Bessette-Kennedy’s Venus/Mars conjunction occurs in her first house.  Having Mars so close to her ascending degree gave her a Martian flare that is definitely lacking in my chart.  Yesterday I mentioned that I’m the antithesis of Aries style.  Because of Mars’ influence, Bessette-Kennedy’s pared-down style merged Capricorn luxe with Aries minimalism seamlessly.  In my book, I even use Calvin Klein as the designer who exemplifies Mars-ruled Aries style.  Bessette-Kennedy actually worked at Calvin Klein both in Boston and New York.

The importance of the ascendant in the way in which an individual presents herself is undeniable.  Planets conjunct the ascendant — especially from the first house — can be the primary influence.  In my book, however, I couldn’t delve into that subject because so few people actually know their birth time.  It’s unfortunate, because sometimes I’m painted as a “sun sign” astrologer by my peers who should know that I know better.  Take it from me, I do.

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