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Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley

I was going to discuss today’s birthday boy, Elvis Presley, in terms of his contributions to the group of Capricorn individuals I describe as celebrities whom indulge in “destination dressing.”  Many Capricorn natives turn themselves into money-making theme parks with their ridiculously-contrived signature style.  Whether or not they’re materialistic, most Capricorn individuals understand the value of everything, including their public image.

However, when I punched up Elvis’ chart, I discovered that he had a Pisces moon.  Almost every time I begin to discuss a celebrity with well-known substance abuse issues, they have a Pisces moon.  It’s becoming a constant of my not-so-scientific evaluation.  And when they don’t have Pisces moons (Michael Jackson; Tom Ford), they tend to have decadent Taurus moons (Lindsay Lohan) or sensitive Cancer moons (Kurt Cobain; Courtney Love; Heath Ledger).

Sure, that’s just a sample of the first half-a-dozen people who come to mind when I start delving into the charts of the notably dazed and confused.  Yet it’s one of those things that makes me believe in what I do.  I may be giving astrology a surface analysis more often than not on this blog, but it does go a lot deeper.  If I could sit here all day and tell you about it, I probably would.  But I can’t just keep giving it away for free.  I am a Capricorn, after all, and I have to understand that what I’m doing has some value.

On that note, I am for hire.  Interested parties may inquire within.


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