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Janet Jones-Gretzky

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Janet Jones-Gretzky

I make fun of unitards, leotards and bodysuits all the time.  For some reason, they make me laugh, especially when they actually come into fashion.  But since I’ve been writing about Capricorn celebrities, I’ve seen a disproportionate number of photos of Capricorn natives in those skin-tight garments.

Take Janet Jones-Gretzky, for example.  She first made a splash in the movie “American Anthem” where she was clad in spandex for much of the film.  Today’s birthday girl also appeared in aerobics home videos and was frequently photographed as a model of fitness and health.

I would never tell a Capricorn that spandex unitards are their signature garment, but I will reiterate what I said a few days back.  Capricorn individuals feel every single pound on their bodies.  They’re quite likely to be body-conscious as a result.  Wearing fitted clothing reminds them that they’re keeping themselves in check; it’s tough to let yourself go when you can see every square inch of yourself in the mirror.

There are no “skinny” signs and there are no “fat” signs.  However, there are Capricorns, and it’s in their nature to fight procrastination.  For that reason, it’s uncommon to find individuals with a strong Capricorn sun who have let themselves go, and when you do see them they seem to be painfully aware of their circumstances.


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