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Alex Prager is a Scorpio!

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Photo by Alex Prager

I’ve been fascinated with Alfred Hitchcock films for as long as I can remember.  And for almost as long, I’ve noticed that the director himself was fascinated with Grace Kelly.  Once I began to study astrology, I started to believe that Hitchcock seemed intent upon recreating the Scorpio actress in films that she wasn’t actually starring in.  While I didn’t necessarily see Grace Kelly recreated on the screen while I was watching Eva Marie Saint or Tippi Hedren, I did see a Scorpionic character in almost every instance.  She was always blonde with a frosty exterior, but beneath that icy veneer there was something dark and sinister, seething under the surface.  Yet it wasn’t cold.  It was as hot as a volcano, ready to erupt.

The most interesting treatment of this character was in “Vertigo” where Kim Novak played both the frosty, distant Madeline and the hot-blooded Judy, or in “Psycho” where Janet Leigh was the icy and secretive bad girl while Vera Miles was the good girl who was still passionate enough to put herself in danger while searching for her sister’s killer.  Hitchcock’s treatment of his heroines was not only a testament to the director’s creative genius, but also a window into his own relationships with this complex, Scorpionic woman.

Anyway, a few posts back I applauded photographer Alex Prager for her recent Bottega Veneta campaign.  I also mentioned that she appears to be as inspired by Hitchcock films as much as I do.  Out of curiousity, I emailed her studio to find out her zodiac sign.  Of course, she’s a Scorpio.  Go figure.

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