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Malcolm McLaren

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Malcolm McLaren

I have some controversial opinions about the sign of Aquarius that tend to get me into trouble with other astrologers.  I don’t believe the notion that Uranus should be the ruler of Aquarius.  I do, however, believe that the modern interpretation of the sign ruled by a recently discovered planet is a bunch of idealistic hogwash and wishful thinking by intellectually-challenged New Age flakes.

Astrology is a very neat system.  In its traditional version, the same six planets that ruled the positive signs (+) also ruled the negative signs (-).  The one exception to that rule is the sign of Cancer which is ruled by the moon.  The moon, however, acts as a foil for the sun in this system and redirects the qualities of the sun inward.  In natal charts, traditional astrology interprets the influence of the moon inwardly (or negatively) on Cancer natives as it would interpret the sun outwardly (or positively) on Leo natives.  The moon just happens to have its own orbit and its own ephemeris.  Moving away from those signs, Mercury rules both Gemini (+) and Virgo (-), Venus rules both Taurus (-) and Libra (+) , Mars rules both Aries (+) and Scorpio (-), Jupiter rules both Sagittarius (+) and Pisces (-), and Saturn rules both Capricorn (-) and Aquarius (+).

I understand this interpretation of Aquarius as a positive sign ruled by Saturn.  I also understand the symbolism of the “water bearer” in relation to Saturn’s influence.  The symbol represents a person bogged down by the weight of experience.  Saturn, which is considered to be the timekeeper of the zodiac, exerts its influence by crushing the spirits of Aquarius natives with their own history.

What this means is that it is the destiny of all Aquarians to live their lives in the most traditional sequence.  When they are kids, they are wide-eyed and adventurous.  When they are teenagers, they are idealistic and experimental.  When they are adults, they are responsible and increasingly more conservative.  When they are old, they can be cranky and miserable, their spirits crushed.

Because of their curious nature as youths, Aquarians are often described as being quirky and eccentric.  For that reason, someone decided to make quirky and eccentric Uranus the sign’s ruler.  But that was foolish because Uranus had no place in a system that was already perfect.  I will agree that Uranus has some influence over the sign because of its relationship with Saturn, but I won’t backtrack on what I’ve already discussed.  Uranus was installed as a ruling planet by someone who couldn’t bother to figure out that astrology was a closed system.  It didn’t need revision, especially by the sort of people who went on to characterize every Aquarian as a champion of their New Age.  I rarely meet any Aquarians who resemble the modern interpretation of their sun sign.  That’s because the modern interpretation was nothing more than — as I already mentioned — wishful thinking.

Take January 22nd’s birthday boy, Malcolm McLaren, for example.  McLaren was as idealistic and adventurous as anyone.  In the last quarter of the 20th century, there were few people who had as much influence on popular culture.  Yet as McLaren aged, he began to follow a more traditional path in life, even admitting that many of his creative endeavors were driven by the desire to make money — hardly a New Age ideal.  His collaborators, however, kept doing what they were doing despite their age.  Vivienne Westwood, an Aries native, is still a rebellious teenager at heart.

In retrospect, McLaren was sort of charlatan; the man admitted as much in interviews.  Yet he was also exceptionally innovative and eager to leave his mark on pop culture.  He was completely self-aware and cognizant of the fact that his ideals changed throughout his life, too.  As experience weighed down on him, he became a different person.  That’s the Aquarius experience.

I’ll have much more to say about this in the month to come.


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