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Richard Dean Anderson

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Richard Dean Anderson

The birthday boy for January 23rd is Richard Dean Anderson.  Yesterday I went on a rant about how modern astrology has let Aquarius natives down.  I’ll continue that today as I discuss TV’s “MacGyver.”

Aquarius is an air sign.  The air element endows an individual with a cerebral nature.  Aquarius is also a fixed sign.  There is an inflexibility inherent in this sign.  Aquarius is ruled by Saturn in traditional astrology, with the energy of the ringed planet directed outward as it is with all signs that possess a positive polarity.  Saturn is the planet of restrictions, control and boundaries, yet it also takes two steps forward for every one step it takes back.  Slowly — nearly imperceptibly — Saturn is ultimately progressive, despite what the other astrologers tell you.

Because it rules over the eleventh house, Aquarius is often associated with eleventh house qualities such as the friendship and the crowd in general.  Over the years, however, the eleventh house has begun to become associated with New Age qualities such as a global consciousness.  Aquarius, as result, has been connected to those qualities.

Aquarians may be in tune with the global consciousness, but only because they “connect” well with technology.  The airy, cerebral nature of the sign combined with their desire to get along with others has made them leaders in the age of modern technology.  If they’re not actually inventing the tools humanity uses to come together, then they’re the first people to use those tools.  Aquarius natives are the most gadget-crazy members of the zodiac.

And that brings me back to MacGyver.  Go figure that he’s an Aquarius.  Whereas a Saturn-influenced Capricorn native would dream up the tool that would bring the world together, writing the schematics in his head and figuring out exactly every step of the marketing process before bringing it to the patent office, an Aquarian would build a prototype of the tool out of discarded chewing gum and paper clips.  That’s the difference between these two signs.


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  1. im a huge fan of richard dean anderson he is soo handsume.


    October 17, 2011 at 5:32 pm

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