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Shae-Lynn Bourne

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Shae-Lynn Bourne

One of the first photos I came across while looking for an picture of figure skater Shae-Lynn Bourne — today’s birthday girl — was this image of her skating to “All That Jazz” from “Chicago.”  I immediately remembered that Chita Rivera, the original Velma Kelly from the stage version of “Chicago,” celebrated her birthday yesterday.

It’s interesting to me that these two women share the same sign.  I associate Aquarius with the sort of false, cinematic glamour that the public worships in this day and age.  When I see big hair, false eyelashes, padded bras, fake nails, sequins, etc., I think of this zodiac sign.  I was once contracted by the “National Post” to write a list of the cinematic fashion icons who best represented the ideals of their zodiac signs, and I chose Chita Rivera in “Sweet Charity” as the Aquarius example.

I don’t believe that there’s anything patently false about Aquarius natives in general.  However, I do believe that no one plays the red carpet game better than the women born under this zodiac sign.  In my previous post (while discussing MacGyver), I mentioned that Aquarius individuals know how to use the tools at their disposal to create something that appeals to the greater good.  If that means looking gorgeous for your audience, that’s good enough for me.

On that note, I’ve never seen Shae-Lynn Bourne looking bad on camera; she knows how to play the fame game!  She might not be the girl next door, but if she was I wouldn’t recognize her because I’m so accustomed to seeing her all dolled-up.


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