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Alicia Keys

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Alicia Keys

Today’s birthday girl, Alicia Keys, has an interesting natal chart.  With the sun, Mercury and Mars in Aquarius, she should be a textbook example of the qualities of her sun sign.  Yet, as my previous posts about this sign have intimated, she really didn’t go through the typical Aquarius rebellious stage in her youth.  In fact, she’s been one the most dignified stars that show business has ever seen.

The reason, of course, is that she was born when Jupiter was conjunct Saturn in Libra.  While that generational aspect would have affected anyone born within a few weeks of Keys in 1981, she had the good fortune of being born while the moon was in the same sign.

A Libra moon imparts poise.  While Keys is likely to go through her life in a typically Aquarian sequence — going from liberal and rebellious in her youth to conservative and compliant in her old age — those are things that she’s going to keep to herself.  The drapes are drawn on this one, and they probably always will be.


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