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Ellen Degeneres

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Today’s birthday girl, Ellen Degeneres, exhibits a perfect balance between her sun sign and moon sign in the way she dresses.  I can’t say enough about how women with an Aries sun need to tone down the girliness.  Ellen has an Aries moon.  Paired with her Aquarius sun, her look should be exactly what it is.  She’s not particularly girly (Aries), yet she appears accessible to her audience (Aquarius) with her non-threatening wardrobe.

No matter what, Aquarius natives seek acceptance on their own terms.  Often those terms are decided by social conventions.  I read too much about the “quirky” and “eccentric” qualities of this sign.  However, I rarely see those qualities in any Aquarius individuals over forty-years-old.  The desire to be rebellious and different tends to wane with age for most Aquarians.  As adults, they would rather be off the radar of the fashion police than under the gun of the hoodlums who write worst-dressed lists.


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January 26, 2011 at 1:28 pm

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