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January 29th’s birthday girl is Oprah Winfrey.  When I first started to question modern astrology’s interpretation of Aquarius, Oprah Winfrey was one of the people I had on my mind.  She just didn’t seem like a textbook Aquarius native ruled by Uranus.  Sure, she possessed many of the humanitarian qualities astrologers wanted to associate with the sign, but those qualities seemed to exist because she was a genuinely compassionate woman, not a prophet of a coming New Age.

So when I gave up on this modern interpretation and went back to basics, Oprah began to make sense to me.  Her look also began to make sense to me.  Even when I believed that Aquarius was ruled by Uranus, I always thought that “red carpet glamour” was the signature style of the sign.  The best-dressed Aquarians had a style that was populist: They dressed for their audience and the world at large.  Instead of taking the attitude of an Uranus-influenced eccentric, they adopted a more pragmatic Saturnian approach.

Aquarius natives dress for the crowd in what the public in general accepts as beautiful and fashionable.  While I associate a label like Dior with Leo because John Galliano challenges women to take chances with their wardrobes, I associate Versace with Aquarius.  At its best, Versace isn’t particularly challenging to people who live and breathe fashion.  Neither is Oprah, for that matter.  Yet millions of people would tell you that she’s one of the best-dressed women in the world.  That’s Saturn at work.  It really has nothing to do with Uranus, and despite what I may have thought when I first began studying the influence of astrology on fashion, it never really did.


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