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Portia de Rossi

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Portia de Rossi

Portia de Rossi is one of those celebrities who really made me want to revise my theories about the sign of Aquarius.  If there’s one thing I get from today’s birthday girl, it’s this: She learns from her mistakes.  That’s Saturn’s influence.  What may have struck me as a Uranus-influenced Bohemian streak (when I still was convinced that Uranus ruled Aquarius) now strikes me as the folly of youth combined with an undeveloped fashion sense.

Looking back at the archive of red carpet photos from de Rossi’s career, there are some doozies.  Nevertheless, age and experience look wonderful on her, and she’s barely made a single faux pas in the past decade or so.  She has been a little more conservative with her choices — allowing old Hollywood glamour to influence her red carpet style — and I expect that trend to continue because that’s what happens with Aquarius natives.  Like the water bearer that symbolizes their sign, they carry around the weight of their experiences so that they don’t make the same mistakes over and over again.


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