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Farrah Fawcett

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Farrah Fawcett

In my book I claimed that “unconventional glamour” is the Aquarius style.  Now the only thing that is unconventional about the sort of glamour that Aquarius individuals cultivate is glamour itself.  People just aren’t glamorous nowadays, so being glamorous makes a girl stick out like a sore thumb.

The style itself is rather conventional, or — more accurately — populist.  It’s the red carpet look that wins the vote of the press on the morning after the award show.  It’s the gown that shows up on the best-dressed list of “Star Magazine.”  It’s the style that you would see in an issue of “Glamour,” but perhaps not in an issue of “Vogue.”

For all the talk of how Aquarians are quirky and eccentric, I don’t meet a lot of Aquarians who are quirky and eccentric.  That’s why I revised my theories about the sign the more I studied astrology.  That’s also why I started to see hair icons like Farrah Fawcett (today’s birthday girl) and Jennifer Aniston in a different light.  It’s interesting that the two celebrities with the most famous hairstyles of the past forty years share the same zodiac sign.

The urge to appeal to the masses defines this sign far more than any other characteristic.  Although I alluded to that fact when I published my book, back then I didn’t really see it as the hallmark of the sign like I do now.


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