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Princess Stephanie of Monaco

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Princess Stephanie

The birthday girl for February 1st is Princess Stephanie of Monaco.  As I’ve already mentioned countless times, Aquarians live their lives in the most typical sequence of events.  Perhaps that’s why Princess Stephanie is known for the events of her rebellious youth more than anything else.

Stephanie wasn’t thrust into the spotlight as the daughter of royalty: She chose that path herself.  A celebrity in her own right during the 80s, Stephanie grew up to become a wife and a mother, eventually taking on the duties of a Princess.  Contrasted with her sister, Princess Caroline, Stephanie was a wild child.

It may not seem odd to anyone that a beautiful Princess acted out in her youth.  But it may seem odd that she was so eager to give up her celebrity once she had a taste of adulthood.  Interestingly, she shares her sun sign with Paris Hilton, her 21st century equivalent.  Does that mean that Paris Hilton is about to settle down?  I wouldn’t be surprised if she did.


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