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Morgan Fairchild

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Morgan Fairchild

Morgan Fairchild, today’s birthday girl, is just another example of how “unconventional glamour” defines the sign of Aquarius.

I went digging around to try to find a photo of a dressed-down Morgan Fairchild.  With a career that spans forty years, you would think that she might have been captured on film without makeup once or twice, right?

Wrong!  If there’s one trait that I’ve found to be consistent amongst iconic Aquarius women it’s their readiness for the camera.  And when they do show up for their closeup without makeup, the media makes a big deal about it.  Remember Farrah Fawcett in “The Burning Bed“?  Or what about Oprah?  Whenever she’s caught without makeup, it’s a feeding frenzy for the paparazzi.

There’s something very unconventional about having your public face on 24/7, but that’s one of the qualities that I find to be consistent amongst the best-dressed Aquarius women.  Even Ellen Degeneres, someone who probably doesn’t wear a lot of makeup off-camera, wears enough on-camera that CoverGirl decided that she would be an ideal spokesperson for the line.

The signature style of Aquarius may be a little contrived in that respect but it’s based upon what is acceptable in our society.  That’s why these Aquarius women wear as much makeup as they do.  It’s what we expect from them.  They’re dressing for us as much as they’re dressing for themselves.


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