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Ida Lupino

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Ida Lupino

For a while now I’ve been discussing how I believe that Saturn, not Uranus, is the ruling planet of Aquarius.  For anyone who reads that and says to themselves “I don’t want boring Saturn as my ruling planet,” let me assure you that Saturn is ultimately progressive.  It endows those it influences with the ability to continuously move forward.

Take today’s birthday girl, Ida Lupino, for example.  Billed as the hottest thing in show business in 1941, she made plenty of movies.  Yet boredom on the set inspired her to get involved in the production process.  She began directing in 1949 and now is know as a pioneer in filmmaking.  She even has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contributions to both film and television.

Her ability to remain progressive throughout her career distinguishes Lupino as a paradigm of Aquarius character traits.  Some people may believe that I’m downgrading Aquarius when I recognize Saturn as its traditional ruler, but I’m not.  I’m recognizing that not every Aquarius native is a child of the New Age, as many individuals who practice “modern” astrology claim.  It just makes no sense to me to impart flaky, esoteric wisdom upon a 3000-year-old discipline.


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