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Don Cherry

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Don Cherry

Since the sun entered Aquarius, I’ve been discussing how cultivating mass appeal factors into the signature style of the well-dressed Aquarius individual.  Again, there’s a non-threatening, rather acceptable quality to the best-dressed natives of this zodiac sign.

So how does any of that explain Don Cherry?  Well, in Canada he’s as well-known as his fellow Aquarian, Ellen Degeneres.  Like Ellen, he knows that he doesn’t necessarily have the “look” that would translate to a very traditional style of dress, so he’s sort of stepped outside the box and developed a style all his own.  Also like Ellen, his style is distinctively his own while being completely non-threatening.  We accept it because we accept him and his cranky schtick as if he’s part of our family.

Acceptance defines this sign.  Despite what some astrology books might tell you about the eccentricities of the typical Aquarius native, it’s rare to find an Aquarian in the public eye who steps outside the box in something that threatens the sensibilities of their audience.


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