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Elizabeth Banks

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Elizabeth Banks

I’m fascinated by the way the Versace brand manages to retain its high-fashion cachet while producing clothing that appeals to the public-at-large.  For that reason, I assigned the label to the sign of Aquarius when I wrote my book more than ten years ago.  As I’ve been profiling Aquarius celebrities for the past few weeks, I’m still amazed by how many red carpet photos I come across where I discover an Aquarius native looking her best in a Versace dress.

Take today’s birthday girl, Elizabeth Banks, for example.  I normally loathe cutouts and prefer a more over-the-top look, but Banks looks pretty and comfortable in her Versace dress.  Moreover, it’s a completely appropriate look for a movie premiere.

I don’t come across a lot of Aquarius celebrities who I can accuse of trying too hard to be fashionable.  As I’ve mentioned numerous times since the sun entered Aquarius, this is the sign of mass-appeal.  High style usually only appeals to snobs who like to believe that we have better taste than the rabble (like me, for instance).  Nevertheless, the rabble knows what the rabble likes, and usually it’s something that would look like a parade float on a woman like Elizabeth Banks.  So let’s give her credit where credit is due.  She’ gorgeous!

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