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Beth Ditto

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Beth Ditto

After a month of bitching and complaining about how modern astrologers have let Aquarius natives down by portraying them as quirky and eccentric, I’m ready to move onto a sign that is quirky and eccentric.  The sun moved into Pisces last night!  I’m excited about that because I needed something else to talk about.

Today’s birthday girl is Beth Ditto.  Now contrast Ditto with all the Aquarius women I’ve been profiling for the last few weeks, and you’ll see how genuinely different these two signs can be.

In my book I claim that the styles of Jean Paul Gaultier suit the Pisces woman ideally.  Ditto has actually walked on Gaultier’s runway.  I also claim that the cinematic icon for Pisces is Liza Minnelli’s character Sally Bowles in “Cabaret.”  Check out Ditto’s hair in the photo from her Wikipedia page.  It’s close enough for me!

Everything about Ditto screams “PISCES!”  Her sense of style also demonstrates the distinct difference between her own zodiac sign and the sign that precedes it.  I couldn’t have asked the cosmos to provide me with a better example of signature Pisces style.


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