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Drew Barrymore

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Drew Barrymore

While I’ve talked a little about a few Pisces women who exemplify the signature style of their sun sign, I haven’t really discussed what Pisces style is.

Pisces style is found in mixing discordant elements artfully to create a virtual non-style.  Take the dress in the photo, for example.  Alexander McQueen made a garment that was so spectacular on its own terms that it never really needed to fit into the idea of fashion.  I constantly praise Jean-Paul Gaultier for creating similar one-offs: Garments that can stand alone in the wardrobe of a woman so fabulous that no one ever questions whether or not she’s following fashion or creating fashion.

In many respects, Pisces individuals embody the spirit of anti-fashion.  Kurt Cobain, for instance, was a Pisces who bucked the trends so successfully that he ended up setting the trends.  Today’s birthday girl, Drew Barrymore, has a similar role in contemporary fashion.  She usually manages to make the best-dressed lists or the worst-dressed lists, with very few appearances in the also-rans.

Like the symbol of the two fish swimming in opposite directions, a Pisces native her best when she’s diverging from the norm.  At her best, she dons her odd wardrobe choices with absolute conviction in her choices.  Where an Aries individual, for instance, would make the same outfit look contrived, a Pisces woman can make it look like art.


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