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Majel Barrett Roddenberry

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Lwaxana Troi

I don’t know what compels me to want to evaluate all the characters on “Star Trek” in terms of the zodiac signs of the actors who played them, but I do.

While I was looking through today’s celebrity birthdays, I noticed that Majel Barrett Roddenberry is a Pisces.  I knew that the actress provided the voice of the computer on most “Star Trek” episodes, but I had no idea that she was also the woman who played Lwaxana Troi.  If I was to attribute the qualities of Pisces to any of the alien races on the show, I’d make the Betazoids the Pisces natives of the “Star Trek” universe.

It’s funny that her daughter on the show, Deanna Troi (played by Marina Sirtis) is an Aries in real life.  If I had to assign the Klingons a sign, it would be Aries, not Pisces.  Klingons couldn’t be any different than Betazoids!

Weird, huh?  There’s more where that came from . . .


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